1800-W Type Heating Elements

1800-W Type Heating Elements

Material Grade: 1800

Diameter: D1/D2, mm/mm

Hot zone length: Le, mm

Cold end length: Lu, mm

Note: can be customized according to requirements


JINYU 1800 molybdenum disilicide heater is an upgraded product developed on the basis of the original product by changing the equipment process and raw material grade. It not only makes the cold and hot ends more firm, but also effectively extends the service life (the longest Up to more than one year). At the same time, it fully embodies the plasticity of molybdenum disilicide, which can meet the requirements for product shape under different working conditions.

W-type silicon molybdenum rod: This specification is generally placed horizontally. Because there are more heating ends in the electric furnace, the thermal efficiency is high and the cost is saved.

Model specifications are U type, W type, straight type (X type), curved type (L type), round type, spiral type, M type.

Standard specifications are: d1x d2: Φ3/6, Φ4/9, Φ6/12, Φ9/18, Φ12/24 and other specifications.

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