JinYu mosi2 heater

MoSi2 heating elements

are for element temperatures up to 1850°C.  MoSi2 heating elements are available as straight or bent elements in a wide range of shapes and sizes, all characterized by long life and consistent performance.

Seven grades for different applications

The program of MoSi2 heating elements includes seven grades with specific features for use in demanding applications and atmospheres, including nitrogen, hydrogen, vacuum and mixtures of endogas and reducing atmospheres.

All JinYu 


heating elements are characterized by good heat and electrical conductivity. They have low thermal expansion and withstand corrosion and oxidation.

Special design

In addition to MoSi2 elements in standard shapes and sizes we provide special designed MoSi2 elements according to customer needs, enabling an optimized element design for each particular application

JinYu MoSi2 heating elements are available as straight or bent elements in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

JinYu MS1700 — Good heat and electrical conductivity. Low thermal expansion. Withstand corrosion and oxidation. Max. temperature is 1700°C

JinYu MS1800 — Same core characteristics as MS 1700. Max. temperature is 1800°C

JinYu MS1900 — Same core characteristics as MS 1700, but has higher purity and a surface with better adhesion. Max. temperature is 1850°C


Useful element temperatures in various atmospheres, ºC

Grade 1700 1800 1900
 Air 1700 1800 1850
 Nitrogen 1600 1700 1800
 Argon, Helium 1600 1700 1800

Temperature is dependent on dew point.

1100-1450 1100-1450 1100-1450
Nitrogen/Hydrogen   95/5% 1250-1600 1250-1600 1250-1600
(e.g. 10% CO², 5% CO, 15% H²)
1600 1700 1700
(e.g. 40% H², 20% CO)
1400 1450 1450
Cracked and partially burnt  ammonia (~8%H² ) 1400 1450 1400

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